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Our Diverse Portfolio

Discover our diverse portfolio of companies dedicated to transforming industries and enhancing lives across Africa and beyond.

Our Diverse Portfolio

Discover our diverse portfolio of companies dedicated to transforming industries and enhancing lives across Africa and beyond.

High-Speed Communications

High-Speed Communications, a CGH subsidiary, leads in ICT, network solutions, satellite communications, and high-speed internet services. We bridge the digital divide with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring seamless connectivity and promoting digital inclusion globally.

Mega-Choice Digital

Mega-Choice Digital, under CGH, offers unparalleled entertainment through Free-To-Air and Pay-TV services. Enjoy a diverse range of channels, from movies and sports to documentaries and kids' programs. Elevate your viewing experience with premium, curated content for all tastes.

Global Homeland Channel (GHC)

Explore global cultures with GLOBAL HOMELAND CHANNEL (GHC), a CGH subsidiary. Our channel features documentaries, news, travel guides, and tourism information, celebrating the rich tapestry of world traditions and values. Immerse yourself in diverse cultural experiences.

Crystal RadioVision Network

Crystal RadioVision Network, part of CGH, pioneers in television broadcasting since 1994. Offering Multi-Channel Free-to-Air and Pay-TV services, we deliver diverse, high-quality content that entertains, educates, and informs. Experience premier broadcasting excellence with us.

Tele Nurse

My Tele Nurse, a CGH subsidiary, addresses Ghana's health issues through interactive, studio-based talk shows. Featuring expert insights and practical advice, we raise health awareness and empower viewers to take charge of their well-being. Join us for a healthier Ghana.

Our Impact in Numbers

At CGH, we measure our success through tangible outcomes that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation

Solar Panels Installed by Nature-Lite Africa, powering homes and businesses sustainably

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Internet Users Connected through High-Speed Communications, bridging the digital divide.
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Channels Available on Mega-Choice Digital, offering diverse entertainment options.
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Viewers reached by Crystal RadioVision Network, delivering quality content globally.
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Experience Unmatched Entertainment with Mega-Choice Digital

Dive into a world of entertainment with Mega-Choice Digital. From Free-To-Air channels to premium Pay-TV packages, we bring you the best in movies, sports, documentaries, and more. Our diverse content lineup ensures there is something for everyone.

Our Leadership

Meet the dynamic leaders driving CGH’s mission of innovation and excellence, guiding our diverse portfolio to sustainable growth.

Dr. Chief Paul Crystal-Djirackor


Prince Hari Crystal

Vice President, Operations & Technical

Cecil Sunkwa-Mills

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

Giorgio Cannestraro

Vice President, International Affairs

Michael Mingle

Vice President, Technology & Research

Emmanuel Affoh

Vice President, Finance & Administration